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    首頁 > 新聞資訊>>如何提高個人的職場魅力?
    來源:http://www.tcwlxx.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-04-30
    This is an era of "judging people by their appearance". It is said that in just 30 seconds, your client or your interviewer will give you a "definition judgment" in their mind: whether they can win an order, whether they can be accepted by the company they like, and whether they can be promoted by the leader. Maybe it depends on a gesture, a sentence, or a smile.
    To some extent, many people succeed because they "look like a successful person.". This is the so-called "workplace charm". How to improve the charm of the workplace? This is what headhunters say:
    1. Elegant posture
    Doing a lot of things depends largely on our body language. When you wear a suit, hunchback slowly across the office, you will certainly leave a bad impression in the eyes of the boss that you are not awake, indifferent to others or submissive.
    However, if you walk into the office easily and straightly, you won't give people the impression. This does not mean that we have to take exaggerated cat steps like models. Just be careful not to hunchback. Because people who can only curl up and walk often give people a feeling of no spirit. The boss will think that you must often stay up late at night and have no energy to work during the day. When considering the promotion list, the boss will often delete the name of such a person.
    2. Beautiful voice
    Flustered and harsh voice often makes others feel nervous. If you can play the voice a little bit low, control the speed moderately, and guide the listener through some short pauses, you can easily win the good impression of the speaker.
    3. Sincere respect
    一個聰明而受人歡迎的談話對象往往會將自己的注意力集中在對方身上。他會和對方保持眼神的交流,給對方充分的信任感,讓別人感到你對他的重視。真 正充滿魅力的人是—個值得尊敬的聽眾,同時也會是一個很忠誠的保守者。
    A smart and popular interviewee tends to focus his attention on the other person. He will keep eye contact with each other, give each other a full sense of trust, let others feel that you value him. A truly attractive person is a respectable audience, but also a loyal conservative.
    If you think you don't have enough time to listen every day, you might as well have dinner with a colleague who is totally different from you and listen to him. You will be surprised at what you learn from him.
    4. Wise and bold
    In the new environment, women often find it difficult to tell whether their behavior is brave or risky. The reason is that women tend to be more picky about their behavior and appearance, and they prefer to hide themselves, and they also like to constantly think about what others think of themselves. Gao fan, a headhunter, suggests that when you have good ideas and ideas, you should be bold and have confidence in yourself. Maybe you can get unexpected results.
    5. Attractive presentation
    No matter how good your idea is, if you want others to be interested in it, you have to describe it as succinctly as possible. It is more attractive to add some colored marks or notes to the report materials than boring data accumulation.
    It's also easier for your boss or client to focus on understanding what you're saying. What's more, when you see that others are interested in your report, you will naturally feel that it is a pleasant thing to make a report.
    Of course, to improve the charm of the workplace, of course, there are more than these. Everyone has their own unique ways. No matter how black or white the cat is, catching a mouse is a good cat. I believe that people in the workplace can become a charming person.
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